Application Information

Application Information

How to Apply

Please create an account at to access the online application. Account registrations are approved manually so please allow up to 48 business hours to gain access to the system.

The application must include:

  1. a curriculum vitae (please list the statistical software, programming languages, and operating systems you have used),

  2. a statement (maximum three pages, single spaced, 11 point font) describing both any current research, and your interest in social-science genomics, especially as it relates to RSF research priorities (e.g., behavioral economics, social inequality, future of work, immigration), (iii) one writing sample of no more than 35 pages. 

For Ph.D. student and postdoctoral researcher applicants only, please also provide:

  1. an (unofficial) course/grade transcript for doctoral studies,

  2. (iv)  two letters of recommendation from faculty advisors, and (vi) a one-page (bullet point) list of mathematics and statistics courses you have taken while in graduate school/during your postdoctoral training, together with a brief statement (maximum one paragraph) outlining your quantitative background and skills. Letters of recommendation should be as informative as possible about your standing in the program (i.e., approximate rank in your doctoral class), general ability, research potential, and (if applicable) special interest in social-science genomics.

We anticipate a large pool of highly qualified applicants – applications and letters must be received by the deadline in order to make final decisions quickly.  Complete applications, including letters of recommendation, must be received by Friday, April 9, 11am Pacific Standard Time. We will notify applicants solely through e-mail, by Monday, May 24, and will ask participants to confirm their participation very soon thereafter.  Inquiries can be sent to


Technical questions about the application portal (Fluxx) can be sent to