Problem Sets

Participants were asked to complete a total of four problem sets throughout the Summer Institute. See below for the 2017 Problem Sets and a "Formulas and Glossary" document that may be helpful in answering the problem sets. 

        Formulas and Glossary           

        Problem Set 1   

        Problem Set 2


        Problem Set 3

​        Problem Set 4

2017 Reading List

Participants were asked to complete a set of required readings prior to the Summer Institute. See below for the 2017 Reading List which includes optional readings that may be helpful in enhancing content learned during the Summer Institute. 

        Reading List

2017 Lecture Videos

         Lecture 1 - Dan Benjamin: Welcome & Camp Outline & Using Genetic Data in Economics 

         Lecture 2 - Dalton Conley: Using Genetic Data in Sociology

         Lecture 3 - David Cesarini: Using Genetic Data in Political Science

​         Lecture 4 - James Lee: Using Genetic Data in Psychology

​         Lecture 5 - Michelle Meyer - Ethical Uses of Social-Science Genomics

         Lecture 6 - David Cesarini: Heritability I—Definition and Interpretation

         Lecture 7 - David Cesarini: Heritability II—Twin and Adoption Studies

         Lecture 8 - Fleur Garton: Molecular Genetics I—DNA, Meiosis, Mendel’s Laws


         Lecture 9 - Fleur Garton: Molecular Genetics II—Complex Traits

         Lecture 10 - Fleur Garton: Molecular Genetics III—Gene Expression, Epigenetics

         Lecture 11 - Fleur Garton: Molecular Genetics IV—Animal Models, Intellectual Disability

         Lecture 12 – James Lee: Uses of SNP and Gene Annotations

         Lecture 13 - Dan Benjamin: Gene Discovery I—Power, Candidate Genes, GWAS (A), (B)

         Lecture 14 - Patrick Turley: Gene Discovery II—Winner’s Curse

         Lecture 15 - Patrick Turley: Gene Discovery III—Stratification (A), (B)

         Lecture 16 - Aysu Okbay: Quality Control of Genomic Data

         Lecture 17 - Raymond Walters: LD Score Regression I, Heritability and Partitioning

         Lecture 18 - Raymond Walters: LD Score Regression II, Genetic Correlation

         Lecture 19 - Patrick Turley: Multi-Trait Analysis of GWAS

         Lecture 20 - Patrick Turley: Polygenic Scores I (A), (B)

         Lecture 21 - Aysu Okbay: Polygenic Scores II

         Lecture 22 - Matthew Keller: Gene-Environment Interactions

         Lecture 23 - Matthew Keller: Genomic Relatedness

         Lecture 24 - Jonathan Beauchamp: Mendelian Randomization

         Lecture 25 - Tõnu Esko: Epigenetics, Functional Genomics, and Development

         Lecture 26 - Jonathan Beauchamp: Simulations and Applications I

         Lecture 27 - Patrick Turley: Simulations and Applications I

         Lecture 28 - Robbee Wedow: Simulations and Applications II

         Lecture 29 - Meghan Zacher: Simulations and Applications II

         Lecture 30 - Dan Benjamin and David Cesarini: The Future of Social Science Genomics/Q&A